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I fundamentally believe in a world without borders.  I believe all people should have the choice to live wherever they would like to. I believe all people should have access to safety and the opportunity live the way they want to and should circumstances prevent them from finding this in the country where they were born, that lines drawn on a map hundreds of years ago should not prevent them from doing so. 


Rosché Immigration Law PLLC is a twenty-first century law firm located in Seattle, Washington using remote representation to help individuals worldwide in their immigration matters.  Clients of Rosché Immigration Law have direct access to our founder Danielle E. Rosché Esq. via phone, Zoom, and e-mail. Our remote representation model saves you time and money by not having to travel to your attorney’s office. We offer convenient weekend and evening appointments as well to accommodate your busy schedule. Nuestros receptionistas y la abogada hablan español asi que no duden en llamarnos. 


Ms. Rosché is a licensed attorney and Certified Immigration Specialist with experience handling a variety of complex immigration matters.  In addition to representing immigrants in front of USCIS, she has successfully brought numerous cases in federal court under the Administrative Procedures Act (used to challenge erroneous decisions), Mandamus (used to force decisions in long pending cases), and Habeas Corpus (used to release individuals unlawfully detained). Ms. Rosché was also an expert witness in the ACLU's class action law suit of Preap v. Johnson challenging the Department of Justice's overbroad use of mandatory detention. 



Immigration Law

Danielle Rosché is an attorney and holds an additional certification as an Immigration Specialist. She is experienced with a variety of complex immigration matters. 




Clients call Danielle a "great, professional lawyer", and say she provides "compassionate representation." 


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